How we work


We speak your language

Regardless of the country you come from and what your mother tongue is, our team is prepared to communicate in Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, Georgian and English.


Legalization of employment

If you are not a citizen of the European Union, we will organize a residence card or a work permit for you and a Schengen visa . In addition, we will carry out all formalities very quickly, because we know how to do it. In offices in Poland, we feel at home and we cooperate with Polish consulates in Eastern Europe and Asia.

Don't worry about code 95, we cooperate with numerous training centers all over Poland. You will be taking the exam in your native language.


Relocation assistance

Don't worry if you are a foreigner and you are away from your place of employment. You will receive support from us in transport to Europe as well as a decent place to live and rest.


We bring families together

If you would like to come to Europe with your wife and children, we will help you find a job for your wife and the children will attend school.


Vocational training

We will organize a series of professional training courses for you before you start work and during work:

  • certificate of professional qualification (code 95)
  • safty driving - training in safe driving and cargo securing systems
  • eco driving - training in economic driving
  • organizational training for your future transport company
  • ADR - training in the transport of hazardous materials
  • master driver - we will teach you to train other CE drivers

Flexible work schedules

You decide with the transport company how long you want to work and how long you want to rest.



We offer our CE drivers only legal work in Europe. In addition, we provide free medical care throughout the European Union and life insurance.


Choosing the best transport company

We perfectly know transport companies throughout Europe. Our CE drivers work only in the best transport companies that guarantee compliance with regulations, offer modern trucks and apply the principles of professional ethics and tolerance at work.

Best working conditions


Modern rolling stock

Our CE drivers work only in transport companies that have modern trucks not older than 4 years. Each truck is equipped with a spacious cabin, refrigerator, comfortable beds for sleeping, air conditioning, TIR navigation, systems that ensure safe and comfortable work for our CE drivers.

You are a CE driver, not a mechanic. Your vehicle will be serviced by a professional mechanic.

Our CE drivers drive only reputable vehicles: Scania, Volvo, Mercedes, DAF.


Comfortable social conditions

Our CE drivers rest during breaks only in hotels at the expense of the transport company. Every hotel in Europe is equipped with air conditioning, TV and WIFI. If you rest on the basis of a transport company, you will also be able to take care of your health and physical condition. The bases of our transport companies additionally offer kitchens and dining rooms, gyms where you can improve your sport, laundries where you will keep your clothes clean, passenger cars that you can use and explore the area.


The dispatcher's care

Our CE drivers are assigned 24/7 forwarders - guardians who speak the drivers' languages. You can report all matters related to transport, the technical condition of the vehicle as well as the health condition to the dispatcher.


High wages

Our CE drivers receive the highest salaries in Europe. Depending on the work system and the type of contract, our CE drivers earn monthly from 2,300 euro to 3,800 euro net per month.

Types of contract


A CE driver becomes an entrepreneur

We set up a business on behalf of our CE drivers. Economic activity is a legal form of employment that brings huge financial benefits to the driver. You can earn 3,250 - 3,800 Euro net per month.


Employment under a contract of employment

Our CE drivers can also be employed on the basis of an employment contract. You can earn 2,300 - 3,000 euros net per month.



Driver reviews

If you are distrustful because you have been mistreated and cheated at previous shipping companies, we will put you in touch with our host of satisfied CE drivers. Our CE drivers will confirm you with excellent working conditions and very high salaries.